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About Us


        The Anti-Corruption Bureau of Telangana State has started functioning separately since 2-06-2014 after the bifurcation of A.C.B. of erstwhile A.P. State which came into existence on 2-01-1961. 

        The organization functions directly under the administrative control of the General Administration (Spl.C) Department, Government of Telangana State. 


        The Anti-Corruption Bureau is a specialized agency constituted for tackling the problem of corruption in various departments of the Government. The Bureau registers the cases against the public servants under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.  The Bureau also conducts enquiries basing on the information received through petitions from various agencies like Government, Vigilance Commission, Lok Ayukta and General Public.


      The Bureau is headed by Director General of the rank of Director General of Police.  He is assisted by Director/Addl.Director and Joint Directors.  The D.G., A.C.B. is further assisted by Technical Officers like Engineers, Chartered Accountant and Legal Officers. 

      Further, there is one Research & Planning Cell (R.P.C.) to deal with all matters relating to Policy and Procedure of the Organization. Besides, it sends various general reports like Statistical Returns/LAQs/L.CQs/N.C.R.B. Report to the concerned authorities.

        The Bureau is having Training Wing to train the newly joined Police Officers and also to impart training to the Chief Vigilance Officers/Vigilance Officers of various departments, over the matters relating to Vigilance Procedure and anti-corruption measures.


        The A.C.B., Telangana State consists of 6 Ranges, each Range comprising of two districts, except Hyderabad Range which comprises 3 districts. Each district is headed by one Dy.S.P., (A.C.B.) assisted by two or more Inspectors.


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